The experience is everything.

Food isn’t really academic: Fat, Carbohydrate, Protein, Vitamins, and Minerals.

Food is about nourishment, health, joy, the senses, and people at the table.

Welcome and thanks for joining me at the launch of a new Web site based on the experience of quality, whole, natural foods.  The vision is to gather together a group of us and go visit interesting local places where we can experience the important role foods can play in our lives.

Processed foods are creations of the laboratory; they significantly alter food with added sugar, salt, fat and elements not in nature – instead they are invented in the lab and added to the final, “Product.”

As humans, we have lived for 1000’s of years on food that grows in the Earth.  Natural foods have sustained us in times of drought, famine, disease and conflict.  We pay homage to them for sustaining the human race.

Ancient people consider the meal a sacred event.  In history, people gathered together around campfires on the plains, in caves, tents, log houses, and homes.  We have a new awareness of a great heritage in hundreds of staple foods that have come down to us from people in the distant past.

So let’s have some fun exploring, discovering, and connecting to natural foods and people in the present and past.  People today still make it possible to eat of the richness of the land and share great food with each other.